Nature Sketching Workshop

Sketching with Dry Twig & Chinese Ink
2 Days Workshop
Date: 22nd March 2019 (3pm) - 23rd March 2019 (5.30pm)

Instructor: Ch’ng Kiah Kiean
Location: Boulder Valley Glamping, Penang
Fees : RM800 (USD 196.60), including fees for instructor, Stay in Boulder Valley Glamping Tented Villa (2 pax), a good dinner, breakfast and lunch on the next day.
Participants: min 5 max 10 person
Age: adult Sketchers only, beginners are welcome

Workshop Description
In this workshop the instructor will teach the participants to make own sketching tools from dry twigs and dish washing sponge. You will also explore the use of Chinese ink as the main medium and the traditional Chinese ink painting concept of leaving white space.

Learning Goals
Sketching with Dry Twigs & Chinese Ink encourages the participants to handmade their own simple sketching tools with dry twigs collected from the surrounding. Explore the three basic elements: dots, lines and shades in sketching with the medium of Chinese ink.

The Line:
• Discovering how to use the twig and brushes as mark makers
The Environment:
• Seeing the architecture of the city with a different eyes 
The Composition:
• Understanding the art of leaving negative space in your composition
The Technique:
• Strategies for applying limited color to your sketches

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