Glamping is an outdoor experience you can get with camping without sacrificing creature comforts like toilets, electricity, water supply and food. However, guests must be well aware that in Boulder Valley Glamping site (“the site”), we offer outdoor experiences with a stay in a tent. Thus, it is not a chalet, resort or hotel with the typical full services. It is still a call to the wild. Be prepared for a certain degree of challenges/discomfort/risks in a natural environment setting. See The Tents for more details.

The management takes measures and precautions to ensure your safety while preserving wildlife, flora and fauna in their natural environment. However, it is not possible to eliminate risks as the site is in nature. Please exercise caution when staying, entering, visiting or driving to the site. 

We have WiFi available in the common area.

Yes, our site is equipped with electricity and water supply as per national standard.

Our property is surrounded by natural, jungle terrain. Thus, it is not wheelchair accessible. We do not have wheelchair facilities.

No, pets are not allowed on the premise. We practice a no-pets policy.

Yes, vehicles can access the site directly from the main road, Jalan Teluk Bahang. Guests arriving by own car must exercise caution when driving on Boulder Valley Glamping private driveway.


The site is entirely fenced up. The driveway and walkways are adequately illuminated.

So far, we have not had any animal-related incidents. We work routinely to control the insect population. We do, however, strongly advise guests to switch off all lights and shut the doors when they leave their tent in the evenings. Nocturnal insects and mosquitoes are attracted to light. Guests are advised to spray insect repellent and encouraged to wear suitable attires like long sleeves, pants, and light-coloured clothes to prevent  mosquitoes. As a measure to protect you from mosquito bites, we provide fans. It is not advisable to bring infants below 3 years old to the site. 


Guests are advised to bring suitable attire, e.g. suitable backpack luggage instead of suitcase luggage, long sleeves tops and pants in light colours, comfortable shoes, and insect repellent.

Valuables including jewellery are not encouraged to bring. Also, no outside food and own cooking utensils allowed.


You can check-in from 3 pm on the day of arrival and must check out at noon (12 pm) on the day of departure.

Yes, you can check in after 6 pm. Prior arrangement needs to be made with the management as our reception operating hour is from 9 am to 6 pm. Guests are advised to check in before 6 pm to avoid getting lost on the way. See Location.


It is not advisable to bring infants below 3 years old to the site. An adult must accompany and supervise their children at all times.


Most guests choose Boulder Valley Glamping to unwind and relax; to have gatherings with family and friends by overnighting for a glamping experience or just for the dining experience in the wilds. See Facilities for things you can do on the site.

To plan your stay with other activities outside the site, you can refer to the map in Location for some nearby ecotourism attractions. Teluk Bahang–Balik Pulau is situated at an agro-eco tourism belt with plenty of recent new concept attractions ranging from the national park, extravagance theme parks, green trail, farms and orchards visits and more.


Subject to change. Download Menu Here.

We serve only pork-free dishes.

Sorry, we do not allow that. You cannot bring outside food or own utensil to the site. Due to tent hygiene/cleanliness, fire safety, environment control issues, Guests are strictly not allowed to cook inside/outside the tent/any other area within the site with their own utensil/food. The management shall reserve the right to act accordingly if a person fails to comply with any of the rules.


The Glamping Site captures moments of fun, and this includes photography and videography of guests within site. The Boulder Valley Glamping staff may use your images on Boulder Valley Glamping Website, Facebook page, and in other media produced. By entering the site, you provide your consent for your image to be used as seen fit by the management team for marketing purposes. 

Guests are not allowed to disturb or damage the natural settings they are in. Do not pick live plants. Limit water use when showering. Guests are liable for any damages caused, including but not limited to, the property, tents and plants. 

Smoking and fire are strictly not allowed in the tents and non-fire area. Be careful with matches and naked flames.

The management reserves the right to deny the admittance of any person to the site without providing a reason. We reserve the right to require a person already in the site to leave, without refund or compensation, for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to comply with any of the safety rules set by the management or in the opinion of the management any offensive or dangerous behaviour. 

Once you’ve entered the Boulder Valley Glamping site, it is deemed that you have read, understand and agreed to the above.